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Esdeveniment corporatiu amb concert a La Farinera Sant Lluís

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Àpat durant un esdeveniment corporatiu
Esdeveniment corporatiu amb castellers

The Farinera Sant Lluís is a space knowing no bounds, where you can think outside of the box and plan any kind of company event. You will have adaptable, versatile spaces both in the modernist building and the property’s gardens and woodlands alike.

An exclusive venue which can accommodate anything from hundreds of people to small groups, where you can present new products, hold conferences or training sessions, or conduct team building events. You can let your imagination run free to create the successful event you desire.

Esdeveniments corporatius a l'exterior de la Farinera Sant Lluís

“Being able to create events at the Farinera de Sant Lluis is a world apart, especially due to the possibilities it offers us to organise extraordinary experiences both outdoors and indoors. Playing with spaces, forests, lakes and special corners within an estate that never ceases to surprise you. In addition, we form a team of another level with all its staff and we dream and work very hard to create customised worlds”.

Marca Condal

Hector - Marca Condal

Versatile spaces for any kind of event: from formal meetings to creative and innovative activities.

Esdeveniments corporatius de nit a la Farinera
Esdeveniments corporatius d'equip a la Farinera Sant Lluís
Esdeveniments corporatius d'equip a la Farinera Sant Lluís

The most offbeat idea can become a reality. We can help you to create an extraordinary event.

Edifici modernista de la Farinera Sant Lluís on fer-hi esdeveniments corporatius
Esdeveniments corporatius esportius a La Farinera
Esdeveniments corporatius singulars a La Farinera Sant Lluis

Productivity and getting away from it all in equal measure. A private venue just for you. Fully equipped suites and communal areas.

Esdevniments corporatius a la Farinera Sant Lluís
Casar-se en un lloc amb història
Un lloc màgic per casar-se a Girona

Unique after-work experiences

We organise experiences at the venue: gastronomic, cultural, motivational and leisure activities.

Maridatge floral
Elaboració de perfums
Visita nocturna a la naturalesa

Perfume making
Nocturnal nature tours
Flower and wine pairings
Forest bathing
Team building activities

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Five private country houses on the grounds

The Masos Can Sot country houses are located in the same grounds as La Farinera, and can accommodate 40 persons. Enjoy the communal areas, the private pool, the barbecue... and the luxury of all being together without having to move from the venue.