An old flour mill built in 1913

La Farinera Sant Lluís was constructed in the early 20th century, at the request of Teresa Pallejà. The idea, proposed by architect Josep Maria Pericas Morros, was to convert the El Molí d’en Borràs - the old mill - into a large, automated flour factory.

Foto antiga de La Farinera Sant Lluís
Edifici històric modernista de La Farinera Sant Lluís

A social hub in the Alt Empordà

Until well into the 1960s, La Farinera was a meeting point in the Alt Empordà. The farmers brought the grain to make the flour, while the local youths gathered for all manner of events, such as parties, neighbourhood lunches or to meet friends.

Un casament de somni a La Farinera Sant Lluís

‘The place is impressive. But, above all, the friendly service we received was extraordinary.”

Ee Lyn & Aleix

May 2023

From flour mill to luxury residence

In the 1980s, a Barcelona businessman purchased the property with the aim of converting it into a luxury residence, but this project never materialised and the building remained closed for 30 years.

Carros de cavalls davant de La Farinera Sant Lluís

A new life for an exclusive space

In 2013, the property was acquired by the Costa family. Although it needed to be restored and reformed, the aim was to carefully maintain the essence of its origins and characteristic modernist style. In this way, La Farinera Sant Lluís as it stands today was born: a unique and exclusive space for holding events.

La Despuntadora, una de les sales de La Farinera avui en dia
Els jardins exteriors de LA Farinera avui dia

A modern industrial building and protected site of local cultural interest

La Farinera Sant Lluís has been listed by the Catalan Government as a protected site of local cultural interest. It retains all of its original aesthetic value, and the property is striking for its elegance and exclusivity, as well as its privileged surroundings: it boasts 13 hectares of gardens and two natural lakes alongside the River Muga.