Interior and exterior. Infinite possibilities.

Exterior spaces

Luscious olive and plane trees are just some of the species to charm you. Gardens, woodlands, lakes, country paths and a vast terrace form the perfect setting to create magical moments.

Espais exteriors de La Farinera

The spaces

The Jetty

The Cathedral of Nature

The Garden

Carme’s vegetable garden

El Ballador

The Olive Grove Path


The surroundings

El Llac de les Oques (Goose Lake)

El Llac Amagat (The Hidden Lake)

The Fauna

The canal

Interior spaces

From a vast, open-plan hall to a private corner beneath a large Catalan vault. As you ascend La Farinera’s three floors, you will pass a library and multiple elegant bedrooms, before arriving at a spectacular lookout.

You will not be lacking in spaces to experience and enjoy.

Espais de l'interior de la finca modernista

The spaces

Les Culleretes

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El Carro Pedrer

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La Despuntadora

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Les Moles

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Les Fustes

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La Sínia

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The Library

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Les Ballarines

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El mirador

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The bedrooms











The terraces


El balcó

El Festejador

Other interior spaces

The farmer’s kitchen

The museum

The industrial kitchen

Masos Can Sot

Five country houses in the same grounds as La Farinera, with capacity to accommodate 40 persons. Enjoy the communal areas, the private pool, the barbecue... and the luxury of all being together without having to leave the grounds.

Piscina dels Masos Can Sot

The houses

El Niu

La Masia


The Muga River

El Paller

The communal areas

The Masos Room

The pool

The barbecue

The pergola

The changing rooms